On todays Esports segment Doctor Brenda Jensen, Dean of the college of natural and computational sciences at HPU joined us for her take on the boom in Esports and HPU being the standard across the country.

“Like traditional sports, it’s important to keep in mind that very few gamers are going to be the ones who rise to the top and go pro with endorsement contracts.  But for students who are interested in gaming, there should only be more and more opportunities to pursue careers on the programming side of eSports, not to mention many disciplines beyond computer science, like art and design, and even fields related to venue management to operate an esports arena, and marketing and public relations to promote the games themselves.”

HPU’s Esports arena is ranked 5th best in the country and could easily be a sight to hold future college and pro tournaments.  And Jensen had a perspective on whether the infrastructure could support such tournaments.

“That’s been a concern along the way. We’ve heard from HPU Sharks eSports team that when they compete with universities on the mainland, they sometimes factor in the lag-time into their play.  That’s not to say that it’s a significance issue and it’s a problem in other parts of the country as well.  But bandwidth would most likely need to be strengthened in Hawaii before we become an established location for major pro tournaments, like LA or Las Vegas.  The scientific research community in the islands would benefit.  At HPU our students and our faculty are involved in many critical areas of research. If ramping up for eSports can also benefit our work in science, then it’s a good thing. “

For more information on the HPU Esports arena visit http://hpu.edu