It’s Esports week on Living808 and on today’s show, former UH Football Star, track athlete, and coach, Sam Moku, adds to the conversation about eSports as an emerging college sport.  He would know, as he currently serves as Hawaii Pacific Universities Athletic Director. 

“eSports is definitely a 21st century form of competition.  I know some people are questioning whether it’s a sport in the same ways that basketball, or volleyball, or soccer are sports.  While it’s not an extremely physical activity, many of the same elements of traditional sports are found in eSports: training and preparation, teamwork, skills development, coordination, and of course, competition. Sometimes intense competition.”

HPU Competes in the Peachbelt Conference which includes Georgia and South Carolina, but Esports allows respective teams to play from it’s home state.

“Exactly, and that’s another example of what this modern kind of sport can be.  Hawai‘i and Southeastern Mainland are about as far apart as you can get in our country.  But we can compete with the student athletes in eSports and it’s just like we’re in the same arena. I think this is a very positive move as eSports grows at the college level. The opportunity for universities from much farther across the country to build rivalries and relationships.  It could be very special. And when you come to watch the competition, you’ll see the game with both sides on the screens and monitors in the arena.  It’s very exciting to watch.”

Soon enough the teams will travel to face off in person.

“That’s the kind of tournament we want to work toward. And when you factor in our university’s facilities, throughout HPU’s Aloha Tower Marketplace, we have an arena that’s surrounded by large viewing and meeting facilities, excellent dining, and iconic views of Honolulu Harbor.  So whether it’s some day a major collegiate tournament, or even a pro tournament, we feel like HPU’s eSports Arena and our Aloha Tower Marketplace are ready to bring the spotlight onto Hawai‘i in a big way.”

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