An opioid overdose can happen anytime, even when taking prescription opioids as directed. 

There were over 90,000 opioid overdoses in the US in 2020. And, while pharmaceutical companies responsible for the opioid crisis are being held accountable, Hawaii has taken some bold moves of its own.

Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center (HHHRC), the pioneer in syringe exchange and harm reduction models in Hawaii, is making big strides in overdose prevention.

The Hawaii Opioid Initiative works closely with agencies like HHHRC to ensure training and free distribution of Naloxone, a lifesaving drug that reverses opioid overdose.

HHHRC focuses efforts on those disproportionately affected by social determinants of health, including but not limited to: people living with and/or affected by HIV, hepatitis, substance use, and the transgender, LGBQ and the Native Hawaiian communities.

This project was funded by the Overdose Data to Action Project (OD2A) which is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Hawai‘i State Department of Health (DOH), Behavioral Health Administration (BHA).”

To learn more visit: Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center