HONOLULU (KHON2) —  The last of the Lahaina school campuses to physically reopen following the Aug. 8 fires, welcomed back its students on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

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King Kamehameha III and Princess Nahienaena Elementary will be working closely with each other on a shared campus that both schools have worked hard to make as inviting and familiar as possible.

The King Kamehameha III Elementary campus had lost its campus to the fires. But in an effort to give their students their education, the school will be sharing the Princess Nāhi‘ena‘ena Elementary campus.

“Although we’re two different schools on one campus, we are one community, and that’s the most important thing. … Our teachers have welcomed them, our staff has welcomed them, and for those from King Kamehameha III – welcome home,” said Princess Nahienaena Elementary Principal Gary Kanamori.

A mixture of tent structures and traditional classroom spaces will be utilized for teaching.

“The classes were set up very well for temporary classrooms and I believe we’re going to get through this,” said King Kamehameha III Principal Ian Haskins.

The school day started off with both schools checking in including more than 200 students from King Kamehameha III and 300 students from Princess Nahienaena. Then a morning ‘oli, or chant, was performed by each school to start off the day.

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A temporary campus is also being built for King Kamehameha III at Pulelehua near Kapalua Airport .