HONOLULU (KHON2) — While Lahaina residents are heading back home, Maui officials confirmed that the fire is still not contained.

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Maui County announced access into the town at Noon but a warning from the Maui Police Department said they will re-close the road if any violators enter restricted areas.

The governor warned residents that the area is still very much a devastated zone.

Front Street, once ranked one of the greatest streets by the American planning association, is decimated.

“They will see destruction like they’ve not ever seen in their lives,” said the governor.

Recovery efforts continue in Lahaina town as crews are still searching for victims of the brush fire.

Residents must present identification showing that they live in West Maui. Visitors must show proof of their hotel stay.

MPD said access in and out of Lahaina is allowed through Kahakuloa but Maalaea remains closed.

A curfew will be in place from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and access will be restricted to barricaded areas. Barricades will remain around restricted areas until hazards improve.

“The curfew is intended to protect residences and property,” the County said in a news release.

There is still no power or water in the area. There is some cellphone service, according to the County, but if calls are not going through, they suggest sending a text instead.

On Friday afternoon, the Department of Water Supply issued an unsafe water advisory for the Upper Kula and Lahaina areas affected by wildfires.

Maui County made the following statement:

The County of Maui Department of Water Supply is issuing an unsafe water alert for areas of Upper Kula and Lahaina affected by wildfires. As a precaution, customers in those areas are advised not to drink and not to boil their water. Instead of tap water, customers are advised to use only bottled water for drinking, brushing teeth, making ice and preparing food.

Residents who stayed will be allowed to leave the area as well. Families will be reunited.

Some buildings that burned have not yet been cleared so it is advised to stay away from those structures.

The governor will be walking Lahaina again Saturday with the FEMA director.

Gov. Green said it’s going to take years and billions of dollars to rebuild Lahaina.