HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Maui Police Department released body worn camera footage from Aug. 8, at a news conference on Monday.

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MPD prefaced the videos by stating that a number of their officers were personally affected by the fires, having lost property and family members. Chief Pelletier later stated that they are also supporting officers’ well being by doing informal hot wash meetings and discussions with chaplains.

One video shows Maui police officers helping a man down steps as they evacuate while flames creep closer to his home. A seeming alarm is heard sounding in the background.

Another video shows an officer frantically grabbing a hose to water down a flare-up in one home’s yard. Officers are shown knocking on door after door to alert residents to the impending danger. Yet another shows an officer helping residents into his car to evacuate them.

Community members are also seen helping, in one video residents use a saw to get a gate open to allow residents to exit a community where heavy smoke is seen.

Chief Pelletier spoke, after the videos were shown, about the after action report and what policies they’re looking to implement and change based on what as learned from the Aug. 8 response.

To date, the official death toll of the wildfires is 99 and four remain unaccounted for.