HONOLULU (KHON2) — Maui Mayor Richard Bissen is working to alleviate some of the issues residents are facing as they continue to feel the impacts of the Aug. 8 wildfires.

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On Thursday, Oct. 12, the mayor announced that he will be submitting a proposal developed by the Department of Water Supply to the Maui County Council to address customer’s water billing.

“By establishing these categories, we can help to alleviate some of the hardship residents in disaster-affected areas are experiencing,” said Mayor Bissen. “Itʻs necessary to take into account the circumstances our residents are facing from the devastating fires.”

The proposal would establish three categories for impacted water customers:

  • Category 1: Customers whose houses were destroyed. 
  • Category 2: Customers whose water was used to assist in extinguishing the August wildfires.
  • Category 3: Customers in Unsafe Water Advisory areas due to the wildfires.

For those whose homes were destroyed, the DWS director has temporarily canceled water service. If applicable, customers may ask for Temporary Irrigation Rates for the maintenance of lawns, crops or gardens.

Customers who are being billed for water used to battle the wildfires can request reimbursement by filling out a claim form and submitting it to the County Clerk’s Office. Click here to get a hold of a claim form.

As for residents in the Unsafe Water Advisory areas, the proposal requests that those customers would only pay the base water service charge based on the size of their meter.

The water service charges per meter per month are:

  • $22.77 for a 5/8-inch meter
  • $36.80 for a 3/4 -inch meter
  • $54.63 for a 1-inch meter
  • $104.65 for a 1 ½-inch meter
  • $162.15 for a 2-inch meter
  • $286.35 for a 3-inch meter
  • $496.80 for a 4-inch meter
  • $911.95 for a 6-inch meter
  • $1,438.65 for an 8-inch meter

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In order for the proposal to take effect it must be approved the Maui County Council.