HONOLULU (KHON2) — The fires on Maui have left many lost and distressed pets. And the owners/caretakers of pets have lost income, homes and resources that allow them to best care for their pets.

KHON2.com caught up with the Maui Humane Society to see how their rescue operations are going.

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“We want to be sure we can save every life, every animal over in Lāhainā,” said Katie Shannon of MHS.

The MHS is in the process of taking donations, and they have volunteers who are helping them organize the donations and distribute them.

All types of supplies are available for cats and dogs. MHS did not indicate how extensive their supplies cache is for other types of pets.

The supplies are not only for MHS usage. MHS is also providing supplies to pet owners/caretakers; so, they can take care of their pets in the midst of total upheaval.

There is also a form that pet owners/caretakers can fill out to help MHS locate your pet. They are doing search and rescue expeditions based on the information that owners/caretakers provide.

“There’s multiple components of that found report that we ask pet owners to fill out so we can make sure we are doing everything in our search and rescue medical team to ensure that the animal stays alive,” explained Shannon.

Shannon said that thus far, MHS has had 1,200 reports for lost pets filed with them. There has been no information on the number of pets that have been reunited with their owners/caretakers.

If you are wanting to donate to assist with MHS’s valiant efforts, then there are three things to consider:

  • MHS has a wish list that will give you insights into what they need.

“Maui Humane Society is set up at Nāpili Plaza, Lāhainā Gateway and Lāhainā Civic Center if pet owners need supplies or assistance,” added Shannon.

MHS provided a statement regarding their search and rescue efforts:

“As the animal rescue lead agency through this disaster, Maui Humane Society is working diligently in collaboration with both local and national organizations to ensure that every step of the search and rescue process is carried out according to proper procedure. While our eagerness to enter the impacted area and provide aid to all animals is resolute, we comprehend and respect the guidelines established by the county. Our dedicated search and rescue teams remain on standby, ready to deploy and respond to the needs of animals within the burn zone. The collaboration with our local and national partners ensures that our efforts are coordinated, efficient, and aligned with the best practices in disaster response. Our mission is rooted in the welfare and safety of animals, and this commitment extends to the animals affected by the Lāhainā fires.”

— Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Lisa Labrecque

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So, while you are cuddling with beloved pet(s) this weekend, remember that there continues to be lost and scared pets and frightened and stressed pet owners/caretakers.