HONOLULU (KHON2) — The fires on Maui, Lāhainā in particular, have highlighted many things about Hawaiʻi and has laid out the heart and soul of the islands.

At the governor’s press conference on Monday, Aug. 14, Governor Josh Green, M.D. provided some much-needed clarity on how Hawaiʻi is going to support those impacted by the fires.

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This is what the state has been able to do thus far.

“We [Hawaiʻi] signed a partnership with the Red Cross to make sure everyone gets housed. If you have not been to one of the shelters, you’ll go to red cross and sign up there,” said Gov. Green. “These services, the shelter, the rooms will be free to people.”

Thus far, the state has placed 220 families in temporary long-term housing. Gov. Green pointed out that the shelters are becoming less congested. But they are also dealing with acute services that need to be provided at this point. Services like mental health needs and people getting wounds taken care of are being dealt with.

“We already anticipate at least 36 weeks of direct housing for individuals,” explained Gov. Green. “It will probably go on much longer than that just so people know; but we don’t want people to think they’re going to get housed and suddenly be asked to leave. It will be in 30-day increments which will be constantly updated. So, people will get housed.”

With this quick action, the state has secured 402 hotel rooms and Airbnb locations to accommodate 1,000 people. There have also been 160 private citizens who have opened their homes to accommodate evacuees.

“So, it’s just under 2,000 housing units that are now available,” said Gov. Green.

These accommodations are being fast-tracked, and Gov. Green indicated that they will be activated fully on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Airbnb has sought to bring goodwill to the islands as it opens up its non-profit, Airbnb.org, to help with this tragedy. It is an independent 501(c)3 that is dedicated to facilitating housing for people in times of crisis.

“Airbnb.org will work with Airbnb staff volunteers and nonprofit organizations like Maui Economic Opportunity to connect people to temporary stays in the coming days and weeks,” said Lisa Cohen from Arnbnb. “These stays are funded by Airbnb, Inc., donors to Airbnb.org and the generosity of Airbnb.org Hosts.”

For access to how Airbnb.org is assisting during this crisis, click here.

Airbnb is also activating its extenuating circumstances policy for areas of Hawaiʻi, including the entirety of Maui. This means Hosts and guests with eligible stays in the impacted areas can cancel penalty-free with guests receiving a full refund.

In an effort to house the many who have been displaced by fires on Maui, Gov. Josh Green is asking for the public’s help.

State officials said 1,000 families and individuals had their homes go up in flames and are now in need of a place to stay. On Sunday, Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation announced the launch of the Hawaii Fire Relief Housing program.

HHFDC said the program is aimed at connecting wildfire-displaced Maui residents with property owners willing to provide accommodations.

 “I am asking the people of Hawaiʻi to consider making this significant sacrifice to help our neighbors, many of whom have lost everything they owned in a matter of minutes.”

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green

Applications are live on the HHFDC’s website. A list of available properties should be online Tuesday.

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HHFDC has been reaching out to landowners, landlords and management companies to encourage them to participate while Gov. Green is also calling on the public to lend a hand.