HONOLULU (KHON2) — KAT Charities rescued another cat at Schofield Barracks after they received several calls Tuesday night. She was found with a blow dart through one of her ears and is now in surgery at Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services, where another cat was treated last week.

“We’ve decided to call this kitty Claire because it’s where you go to get your ears pierced, and she has a big earring right now, but the vet will take it out,” said KAT Charities co-founder Beth Doughty.

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The Oahu animal rescue was the first to bring attention to recent reports of stray cats being shot with blow darts around the Army base. One of the cats, Katniss, was found with a dart in her chest, but it was actually Claire that volunteers saw first on May 26.

“They’re taking the injury of animals pretty seriously on Schofield right now, which is amazing, and we’re happy that they’re doing that,” said Doughty. “Once we got off base, we called MPI, the military police investigation people, and they came to where we had her at our new location.”

She recalled them taking photos of Claire and added, “They really want the dart, they want the evidence, and so I think that’s fantastic.”

More good news: Claire already has a home waiting for her.

“Someone is going to adopt her from CatFriends, one of our local partner rescue groups, so that’s very exciting. She’ll be allowed to be feral,” said Doughty. “This is a feral cat, she’s not a pet, so she will be allowed to live out her life and be feral, or if she wants to be nice, then that’s fine too. It doesn’t matter. She could be whatever she wants to be.”

Katniss is currently living with a foster and will go to Kaimuki cat cafe Popoki + Tea after she is spayed. Doughty shared Katniss is healing nicely and is allowing her foster to pet her — a good sign. Now, they need donations to help pay for both cats’ vet bills. Click here to donate.

“What money’s not used for Katniss will go in for Claire and will pay our bills for another animal that maybe isn’t getting the publicity that these two are getting because we rescue every day,” said Doughty. “There’s always something at the vet that’s being seen.”

KAT Charities gave KHON2 exclusive video of Claire being captured on Tuesday, June 7:

Doughty said there may be other injured cats out there, but she’s not certain. However, she was alerted to a pigeon on base that has a blow dart through it from photos that were allegedly taken on Tuesday.

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There is a $1,000 reward being offered for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person(s) involved. Click here for more.