HONOLULU (KHON2) — Eric Thompson, 34, appeared in court on Thursday, April 28, after he was charged with the murder of Waipahu Acupuncturist Jon Tokuhara.

According to the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office, Thomspon was indicted by an O’ahu grand jury on Friday, April 22, and was charged with murder in the second degree. If found guilty, Thompson could face life in prison.

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Court documents said Thompson’s wife was having an affair with Tokuhara, while she was still married to Thompson. The affair took place from May to July of 2021. Thompson allegedly shot Tokuhara in his acupuncture business in January.

Thompson’s lawyer, David Hayakawa, asked the court to consider how cooperative Thompson has been to police authorities since the investigation began in January.

“Mr. Thompson followed every single rule,” said Hayakawa.

The prosecuting attorney counterargued and asked the court to detain Thompson without bail because “he is considered a danger to the public and is a serious flight risk.”

The judge said bail was set for $1 million; however, the court will have another court hearing on bail the first week in May to expedite it, according to Thompson’s lawyer.

After court was over, one of Tokuhara’s friends stated they were not happy that Thompson was not in prison yet.

There’s a little disappointment. It was regarding his bail. So, he is out on bail until possibly next week when there is another court date — which they will decide if his bail is revoked or not. But it’s also good to see that the court case is moving along. Hopefully, we will get justice soon.”


Trazo has been friends with Tokuhara for over 30 years. She said she doesn’t know Thompson’s wife but it was the first time she saw Thompson in court.

“It was hard to see him and of course not be able to say anything. He looks like he has no remorse… it is really upsetting, but justice will be served. He will get what he deserves.”


The jury hearing will be on June 27.