HONOLULU (KHON2) — Honolulu police said around 10:05 p.m. Monday, Jan. 9, a 32-year-old man broke into a Mililani home. That’s when residents saw their neighbor become a victim of a brutal burglary.

“We were upstairs watching TV at home, and we heard screaming,” said Joshua Galios, a neighbor. “We ran downstairs, and the first thing we see is her standing in the corner of her yard. And, she’s covered in blood.”

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Galios said his 77-year-old neighbor yelled that she was pushed down the stairs, beaten and that the burglar was still in the house.

“So I jumped on her roof, and I got to the roof. And, he closed the window; and I saw my tools from my garage on the roof, like, he was in my place first,” Galios said.

Police said officers responded and found the suspect still in the home. The suspect remains in custody, and charges are pending.

The Mililani Neighborhood Board said although it is a relatively quiet neighborhood, residents can never be too prepared. A common request that comes up in its monthly meetings is for the Honolulu Police Department to beef up patrol or split the police district into smaller scales.

“We totally acknowledge that our district is quite large to include Wahiawa and the North Shore,” said Danielle Bass, Mililani Neighborhood Board Chair. “This is a very large district, but we do ask HPD from time to time to increase their presence.”

Security experts said, the public can do their part to secure their homes like investing in a surveillance system and getting pets to guard the house.

“General rule in security is barriers are always your best friend,” said Ed Howard of Pax Bello Security-Solutions Hawaii. “Go invest in that heavy duty security metal screen door that you can keep shut and locked at all times.”

In the meantime, Mililani residents said they are shaken up by this incident but will remain vigilant.

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“To break into someone’s home is something else because most of the homes around here have security systems, alarms and pets,” said Virgil Francisco, a neighbor. “But, you still got to look out for each other.”

The victim’s neighbor said she remains in the hospital but is expected to recover.