HONOLULU (KHON2) — The trial of Michael Hirokawa resumed on Wednesday, May 3.

It began with witnesses providing more gruesome details on how close the victim came to losing her life.

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Hirokawa is facing charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and sex assault.

For the trial, prosecutors called police and other first responders to the witness stand.

Also testifying was the doctor who treated the victim. He took the time to speak about how close the victim was to bleeding to death.

“They have to be taken care of very quickly,” said Dr. Steven Minaglia of Queen’s Medical Center. “In other words, there’s not time to assemble the specialty team to make all the necessary repairs when the patient’s not circulating enough oxygen in their body to stay alive.”

The defense attorney claims that Hirokawa was drugged and has no recollection of attacking the woman.

On Tuesday, May 2, the prosecutor showed jurors pictures of the condo in Capitol Place where Hirokawa lived and where the victim said the attack occurred. Thye told jurors the victim struggled not to lose consciousness so she could escape.

Court records said in November 2020, he met a woman at a bar and took her to his condo at Capitol Place where he allegedly choked and raped her.

Records said she was able to escape when he fell asleep and was found naked and bleeding in the elevator.

Records that were filed by his attorney said he was drugged and not responsible for what took place.

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Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office said it has a conflict of interest leading them to ask the State Attorney General to prosecute the case.

The trial resumes on Thursday, May 4.