HONOLULU (KHON2) — The murder investigation of a 73-year-old Hawaii Loa Ridge resident remains active. One of the two men arrested in California was released from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s custody on Thursday afternoon for insufficient grounds to file a complaint against him.

Thirty-four-year-old Scott Hannon was booked Wednesday night and less than 24 hours later, he was free to go.

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Hannon was wanted by the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) along with 23-year-old Juan Tejedor Baron in connection to a murder investigation that began as a missing person case on Monday.

Attorney Megan Kau said releasing Hannon after a multi-state police manhunt was a rare move.

“I will say this is a rare situation. I’ve never seen a probable cause arrest warrant go out. The two suspects or a suspect gets arrested and then released because someone changed his or her mind. I’ve never seen such a thing.”

Megan Kau, Attorney

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s said the reason documented for his release was California Penal Code Section 849B, which means there was not sufficient probable cause to keep Hannon in custody.

“Somebody either in the LA Police Department, or more likely somebody in HPD or the Honolulu prosecutors made the determination,” Legal Expert Doug Chin said. “And let the LA Police Department know, hey, as we are developing evidence and this investigation, we have reached the point where we don’t have probable cause to hold Mr. Hannon.”

Hannon was arrested by the LAPD on Wednesday in Inglewood, while Baron was arrested on a Greyhound bus in Anaheim bound for Mexico.

Before both flew to California, they were spotted leaving Waikiki businesses Monday afternoon, the same day police conducted a welfare check at the victim’s home.

Police said the victim’s brother reported him missing, the last time he spoke to the victim was some time at the end of January or February.

Police said Baron told officers he was in a romantic relationship with the victim while conducting the welfare check. Baron and Hannon were not arrested at the time. Police returned Tuesday morning to the Hawaii Loa Ridge home with a search warrant.

Officers found the victim’s body inside a stand-alone bathtub encased in concrete with coffee poured on top. Police said they chipped away at the concrete to remove the 73-year-old’s body from the tub.

When the police found the body, Baron and Hannon became the suspects in the homicide, which led to a police search for the two men.

Chin said it is probable that investigators are still building the case.

“Now when they released Mr. Hannan, keep in mind that they could still develop more evidence down the road and re-arrest him if they if they need to,” said Chin.

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Baron remains in police custody.