HONOLULU (KHON2) — Maui police said investigations pointed to three suspects being involved in multiple brush fires sparked throughout Maui on Thursday.

A total of six fires were intentionally set in unison by the three suspects between 1:06 p.m. and 2:03 p.m., said police.

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John Hlis was arrested on the day the fires occured after a witness told police they saw him setting off a fire.

The Maui Police Department said the 34-year-old suspect was charged not only with arson in the second and fourth degree but for four firearm offenses as well. Hlis’ bail was set at $25,400.

On Friday, further investigation led police to arrest two more individuals connected to the brush fires.

According to MPD, a surveillance video revealed a man and woman purchasing a gas can, lighter fluid and charcoal just before the fires were set. Police arrested the two suspects who they believe to be 36-year-old Steven Sarol and 33-year-old Krystale Kaneakua.

The three suspects arrested and charged after a rash of fires sparked throughout Maui on May 12, 2022. (Maui Police Department)

Sarol was charged with five counts of contempt of court, three counts of violating conditions of release on bail and five counts of discharge of sureties.

Kaneakua was charged with arson in the second degree and two counts of discharge of sureties.

Sarol’s bail was set at $248,000 and Kaneakua’s bail was set at $26,000.

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All three suspects remain in MPD custody.