HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Puna man involved in a homicide case that happened in Hawaiian Beaches has been charged with murder, according to Big Island prosecuting attorneys.

Michael Carvalho II, 36, was charged with murder, burglary and criminal property damage.

Court documents said officers initially responded to a burglary at a resident under renovation within the Hawaiian Beaches subdivision on Thursday, Sept. 15.

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Police discovered shattered windows and a single set of wet footprints along a walkway heading toward the east side of the property. A storage room on the property also appeared to have been kicked in and tools and containers were in disarray.

Blood was smeared on multiple items.

As police further searched the area they found a lifeless body.

Documents stated that the woman’s body was partially clothed and she was laid on her stomach with her hands and feet bound. Her body had signs of face and head trauma.

When officers continued their checks of the property they found Carvalho hiding with a crowbar-type object on the east side of the property.

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It was observed that Carvalho had a laceration-type injury to the middle of his left palm and fresh scratches on his arms that indicated a physical altercation. There was also dried blood in the nail of his pinky finger.