HONOLULU (KHON2) — The man suspected of throwing some type of acid on his ex-girlfriend and shooting at her appeared in court via video conference on Monday morning.

The attack happened outside of a gym in Mililani two weeks ago.

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Paul Cameron was arrested on Friday near his home in Pearl City after, police said, dozens of people were interviewed and hours of surveillance was analyzed.

Cameron’s attorney, Myles Breiner, said that Cameron did not carry out this attack and that Cameron has a solid alibi for the time of the attack.

“My client has great empathy and sympathy for the victim in this case,” said Myles Breiner, Cameron’s defense attorney. “He did not do this offense, he is not responsible for the terrible injury she sustained and we intend to vigorously fight this case.”

Court documents allege that in the weeks leading up to the incident, Cameron asked a friend how to get a ghost gun and where to get hydrochloric acid. The complaint also details text and social media messages involving Cameron trying to obtain a ghost gun and chemicals.

The complaint added that Cameron was interviewed by police and said he was on a hike near Hanauma Bay at the time of the incident.

Paul Cameron, mugshot, April 2023. (Courtesy: Honolulu Police Department)
Paul Cameron, mugshot, April 2023. (Courtesy: Honolulu Police Department)

According to the documents, Cameron provided police a screenshot of his GPS location near that area. However, the complaint said a search warrant on Cameron’s phone revealed his location in both Mililani and East Oahu at the same time. Another search warrant was executed for cell tower data which showed Cameron was in Mililani.

Court documents showed Cameron visited a website that can change GPS locations.

“It’s like they trick the cellphone tower into thinking that you’re somewhere that you’re not and the only way that can be unproven is to go to the actual service provider,” said Niles Davis, SuperGeeks Tech Specialist.

Despite what Honolulu Police Department’s cellphone data recovered, Cameron’s defense attorney filed a motion Monday stating his client’s alibi is solid.

“They have the cellphone, they can ping the area where my client was located and it will establish that he was not up in Mililani when this assault took place,” Breiner said.

Cameron’s bail is set for $2 million which his attorney requested to reduce, calling the amount outrageous.

“This individual has no prior criminal history whatsoever, no parking tickets, any citations, no contempt in court,” said Breiner.

The judge denied the request. Cameron’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. He remains in custody on $2 million bail. His next court date is April 26.

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The victim, 20, remains in the hospital in critical condition.