HONOLULU (KHON2) — A man who was charged on suspicion in the death of his 86-year-old neighbor pleaded not guilty in Hilo District Court.

Cameron Stewart, 33, entered his plea on Tuesday, July 5.

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Big Island police said Stewart allegedly used a bow and arrow to kill his elderly neighbor Charles Hacker.

Investigators said they recovered various arrows and archery-related items in the suspect’s home. Court documents say blood was found on one of the arrows.

Court documents said Stewart’s brother-in-law asked him how he was doing. Stewart responded, “not good, I killed him, shot him with a bow and arrow.”

Court documents also said that after Stewart was arrested he asked “What is the name of the man I killed?”

Charles Hacker’s family is still putting the pieces together.

“I think he should’ve been able to live out his life, not just get it taken away from him,” said Ron Wolfe, brother of Charles Hacker.

The 86-year-old is described as a loving and caring father and bother with an infectious personality.

“He was always fun and always had a smile. Everybody remembers that smile,” said Wolfe.

It’s a smile that will never be seen again.

According to police, on Wednesday, June 29, Hacker’s son-in-law found him slumped over in his wheelchair in the driveway of his home bleeding from his mouth.

Court documents state, 33-year-old Cameron Stewart admitted to killing Hacker with a bow and arrow. Prior to the incident, police say a neighbor said Stewart approached her asking if he could shoot cats with his bow and arrow.

According to court documents, Stewart and Hacker lived on the same street, and Stewart was new to the neighborhood.

“He’s not somebody that we’ve dealt with on this island before,” said Lt. Rio Amon-Wilkins, Hawaii County Police Criminal Investigations Section. “He’s only been on the island with his family for a couple of weeks.”

Stewart’s attorney request supervised release or a reduction in bail, which the judge denied Tuesday. He remains in custody on $1 million bail.

“We’re just hoping that with the filing of these criminal charges, we’ve started the first step in the process to seek justice for him and his family,” said Kelden Waltjen, Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney.

Stewart is set to appear in court again on Aug. 23. Until then, Hacker’s family is hoping for more answers.

“I just want to know what happened really. Regardless of how it happened, he didn’t deserve it,” Wolfe said.

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The autopsy revealed a sharp two-sided object struck hacker’s neck, penetrating approximately 10.5 inches and hitting the right lung and rib cage.