HONOLULU (KHON2) — The suspect accused of stabbing his grandparents to death in Hilo made his initial court appearance Wednesday and court documents are revealing more details about the incident. Prosecutors charged Joshua Ho with first-degree murder, which legal experts said is rare in Hawaii.

Ho appeared in a Hilo courtroom Wednesday via video conference. Police said, Ho is suspected of fatally stabbing his grandparents Jeffrey and Carla Takamine on Monday. Court documents show, the initial caller was Ho’s mother saying, “He has schizophrenia and is having an episode; he has a knife.” Documents state, Ho’s brother saw him with a knife and blood on his chest and tried to get the knife away, but was injured after a brief struggle. Documents said, Ho’s father restrained him until officers arrived.

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“Setting his bail at $2.75 million when he has zero chance of making that figure is death without question,” said the defense.

“There were multiple concerns that were noted if the defendant were to be released,” said the prosecution. “He basically has nowhere to go, he was staying with family. So if he were let out, the family would not be able to take him in.”

The judge denied the request for bail reduction pending a mental health examination.

Legal experts said, first-degree murder charges are rare in Hawaii. It’s defined as killing two or more individuals in the same incident. The main difference between first and second-degree murder charges are the penalties.

“Second-degree murder carries a maximum sentence of life in imprisonment with the possibility of parole and first-degree murder carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment of life without the possibility of parole,” said Doug Chin, a legal expert.

Experts said, murder cases often boil down to proving the defendant’s state of mind during the incident.

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Ho’s next court date is set for March 28.