PEARL CITY, Hawaii (KHON2) — A Wahiawa woman is still adding up the cost of damage to her vehicle after it was stolen on Tuesday, June 21.

Tanya Brown dropped off her Chevy pickup at a repair shop Tuesday morning only to get a call that it was gone by the afternoon.

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Brown said she was almost done refurbishing her truck as a gift to her dad.

“We got brand new tires with the original rims on them, brand new windows, brand new tinting, brand new radio,” Brown said.

She said pain was only her first feeling when Maaco Pearl City called to tell her it had been stolen.

“Anger, rage, to be quite honest. Just a lot of different emotions.”

Tanya Brown, Wahiawa resident

The car was found in Pearl City on Thursday, June 23, but it had been stripped for parts.

“The truck needs a lot more work than where we started,” Brown said, “a lot more work.”

Maaco’s owner told KHON2 that they use street parking on Kaahumanu Avenue when their lot is full. Security camera video showed just how close the parked cars are.

“Literally, 100 feet from the edge of the property in immediate eyesight of the shop,” said Ryan Thornton, Maaco Pearl City owner. “Like right there.”

Honolulu police said suspects who are arrested while driving a stolen vehicle will not be booked for auto theft — the case would be classified as unauthorized control of a motor vehicle (UCPV).

“So, far more suspects are arrested for UCPV than auto thefts,” Capt. Parker Bode said.

“When they are operating the vehicle and say, we stop them, then they’ll be arrested for unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle cause they’re actually controlling the vehicle. We don’t know if the same person who stole it is the one who’s driving it.”

Capt. Parker Bode, HPD Office of the Chief

Brown said Maaco filed an insurace claim and is working with her on the cost. As for a message to the community, she just wants everyone to stay alert.

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“Keep your eyes open, we have to look out for each other, you know? If you see something, say something,” Brown said.