HONOLULU (KHON2) — Big Island doctor Rudolph Puana has pleaded guilty to a firearms charge but still faces multiple drug charges. Jury selection has begun in the trial, in which his sister Katherine Kealoha, now serving time in federal prison, is expected to testify against him.

Some legal experts say jurors tend to find Kealoha believable. She showed that during the civil trial against her grandmother and uncle, Florence and Gerard Puana.

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“The jurors in the civil case loved her so much that they hugged her after the trial,” said defense attorney Megan Kau.

Puana is accused of illegally prescribing fentanyl and oxycodone in exchange for cocaine. Legal experts say the government’s strategy to use Kealoha as a key witness is a big gamble. Puana’s attorneys can question her credibility.

“The defense is gonna argue she is definitely not credible because she’s been convicted of a crime that goes directly to her credibility the conviction that she suffers from is that she lied to the federal government,” said Kau.

On the other hand, some say since she allegedly took part in the drug operation. She’ll be able to provide key information.

“When the government made the plea agreement that they made with Miss Kealoha, it was because they knew that she had critical information with respect to the prosecution against Mr. Puana,” said Doug Chin, former Honolulu deputy prosecutor.

Puana has agreed to plead guilty to a firearms charge, which experts say is also a strategic move by his attorney, because the jury will not hear testimony that he had guns.

“Rudy Puana does not want these 12 jurors to hear the fact that he was in possession of guns whether it was legal or not legal because guns give people a bad feeling,” said Kau.

Because of the notoriety of the Kealoha trial, the judge told potential jurors that knowing about it will not disqualify them from serving in the Puana case.

“They’re gonna be asked even though you heard about the different facts about the Kealoha’s case, are you able to put aside everything that you’ve heard and still decide this case impartially based upon what you hear come out of the trial?” said Chin.

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More than a 100 people are in the jury pool. Jury selection is expected to last a couple of days. So opening statements will likely begin on Thursday.