HONOLULU (KHON2) — According to Honolulu police, just within the last day there have been two armed robberies from Kunia to Honolulu. This on top of the recent shootings across the state have alarmed lawmakers and have citizens calling for action.

Sen. Lynn DeCoite, Vice Chair of the public safety committee, describes the recent crime wave as shocking.

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“It’s really alarming that in a state that we call the aloha state that we’re having something like this happen,” said Sen. Lynn DeCoite (D) Lanai, Molokai, Paia.

From private homes to local businesses, the community is raising concerns. The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii says it’s hearing about scary situations at storefronts.

“At a time when they’re still recovering from the pandemic from the losses that they incurred, this just adds to the challenges that many are facing,” said Sherry Menor-McNamara, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. “So we do hope that something can be done about this.”

Since the string of crime began, businesses like Cam Security are being hit with a wave of calls.

“We have seen an uptick in customers reaching out to us definitely following stories about neighborhoods that have had a robbery or shooting or something dangerous that happened in that area,” said Kingston Dias of Cam Security.

Home and business owners are encouraged to take that extra step to protect yourself.

“Get yourself a security system like either an alarm or camera,” Dias said. “Ideally both whether it be professionally installed by us or another security company or anything that you can find DIY. Just make sure that your property and your things are secured.”

State lawmakers are making a joint effort to tackle the issue.

“We will be going through some info briefings with HPD,” said DeCoite. “We have called out for HPD. Myself, Chair Nishihara as well as Sen. Lorraine Inouye. We will be discussing some of these things and how we can go forward, whether it be enforcement, education, and safety.”

As work is being done to improve public safety, DeCoite has this message for the community.

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“It’s shocking and alarming as this continues to go on. I want everybody to just really be safe and think about it and just aloha each other out there,” said DeCoite.