HONOLULU (KHON2) — Monday’s deadly head-on car crash is being investigated as two counts of manslaughter and one count of second-degree assault, the person in question is a 27-year-old Hawaii man who drove a white pickup truck.

Legal experts said this type of charge is unusual for a car crash, but police said the severity of the crash was not typical. Two visitors were killed and according to HPD, witnesses described the driver of the truck as reckless.

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Attorney Megan Kau said demonstrating that the driver was reckless will be key in charging him with manslaughter and not the lesser charge of negligent homicide. 

“If you’re acting recklessly, you should know what the outcome is. And you know, or you should know what the attendant circumstances are,” Kau said. “In other words, were the other cars there, were other people at risk. Were you speeding? What was the speed limit? Yet, you take the risk anyway.”

The crash happened on a long and straight stretch of Kamehameha Highway near Gunstock Ranch.

Police said the truck driver was speeding, crossing lanes and overtaking cars right before crashing into a sedan with three passengers inside. A woman in her 30s was the only one who survived.

Area Rep. Sean Quinlan said his heart dropped when he heard the news. 

“It hits really close to home for me, my parents live right down the road from there,” Quinlan said. “They traveled on that road almost every day of their lives. And it could have been them in that crash.”

Quinlan said many drivers go over the 45 mph speed limit, and calls for more consequences for those causing dangerous situations on the road.

He said, “I think that when people get used to speeding, and when they get used to passing, it becomes a habit over time, if there’s never any correction of the behavior, if there’s never any consequence, it just becomes day to day life.”

The Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney’s office said the investigation is ongoing and the 27-year-old driver has not been charged.

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While the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii said they are assisting the victim’s family with moral support and finding accommodations on the island.