HONOLULU (KHON2) — Big Island police said they arrested 35-year-old Joshua Ikaika Vierra of Volcano and a 17-year-old male juvenile for a kidnapping incident that occurred on Wednesday.

According to the Hawaii Police Department, the kidnapping happened just after midnight in Volcano when the two suspects conspired to assault the juvenile’s 44-year-old biological father — a resident of Oahu.

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Upon the father’s arrival at the residence in Volcano, Vierra identified himself as a federal agent and placed zip ties on the victim’s wrist and ankles.

Police then stated that over the course of several hours, the two suspects assaulted the victim. During a break in their activity, the victim reached for his cell phone and dialed 911.

When officers responded, they found the victim bound and gagged and they arrested Vierra and the juvenile without incident.

The victim was then transported to the Hilo Medical Center for treatment. After the victim was treated for his injuries, police said he was subsequently released into their custody and arrested for outstanding warrants.

During the investigation, a search warrant was executed on the residence and a silencer, two handguns and a rifle were recovered. All of the items had no serial numbers, which are known as “ghost guns.”

Police said Vierra was charged with:

  • kidnapping
  • two counts of assault in the second degree
  • impersonating a law enforcement officer
  • terroristic threatening in the first degree
  • use of a firearm in the commission of a separate felony
  • three counts of permit to acquire
  • three counts of assembling a firearm having no serial numbers
  • possessing a rifle with a barrel length less than 16 inches
  • possessing a silencer devise capable of muffling the sound of a firearm discharge
  • six counts of possessing handgun magazines capable of holding a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition
  • possessing brass knuckles
  • promotion of a dangerous drug in the third degree

Vierra’s bail was set at $270,765. He remains in custody as he waits for his court appearance at Hilo District Court scheduled for Monday.

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Police said due to the age of the juvenile his name will not be published but he was charged with kidnapping and abuse of family household member. He is being held by the State in a juvenile detention facility on Oahu.