HONOLULU (KHON2) — Honolulu police opened a burglary investigation after offices at a community church were broken into in late April.

Other churches already implemented security measures to prevent similar incidents but said the problem is ongoing.

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Sandra Young’s law office is inside of the Community Lutheran Church building — there is a camera in the common area.

“I saw him on the camera checking out our doors, my office door and the other gentleman’s door there,” Young said. “Then he reached up for it, toward the camera here in the kitchen and he covered the lenses.”

Young said the thief then allegedly broke down her office door.

“I had a computer right there with an external hard drive, so he took that,” Young said, “and he busted down my drawers down here, their lock, and he took some things from it.”

She said a brand new printer and about 150 postage stamps are missing, but the biggest loss is her computer with legal documents.

“I just pray and bless him, Lord, and try not to think about it too much,” Young said.

Community Lutheran is not the only church that has dealt with the issue. The pastor of First Christian Church of Honolulu told KHON2 that they have spent thousands on security fencing in 2023.

“Right at the first of the year, we had normal-level fencing and in the evening so many of the people who live outdoors were hopping over them. So, all of this all the way down and around and then around on the other side as well,” pastor Nan Riddle said. “I think it was nine to $11,000, and we still have a problem. They still come over it.”

Pastor Riddle said thousands of dollars worth of musical instruments were stolen and added that more police presence would help put her and the church keiki at ease.

At Community Lutheran Church, Young would prefer if authorities do not get involved. She even offered a reward if her computer and hard drive are returned in good condition.

“Well, I’m willing to give him $300 because I think that he won’t get more than $3000 from a computer that’s five years old,” Young said. “And I hope that he would repent from that and turn his life around, that’s what my prayer group is praying for him, is for him to change his life.”

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Honolulu police said on Friday, May 19 that no arrests were made in connection to the second-degree burglary investigation.