HONOLULU (KHON2) – Tired of hearing your neighbor’s dog barking all night long? According to the Honolulu Police Department you can make an animal nuisance complaint. 

In order for something to be classified as an animal nuisance, an animal must make noise continuously or incessantly for ten minutes or intermittently for one-half hour. This can happen at any time of day or night regardless of whether it is physically situated or on private property. 

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HPD said things like barking, howling, crowing, crying or making unreasonable noise all counts towards animal nuisance.

There are different types of animal nuisance offenses that do not limit to having a barking dog next door. 

Animal nuisance offenses:

  • unreasonable noise
  • dog bites
  • exceeding the allowable animal limits per household ( ten dogs or two chickens)

An animal owner can be cited for different nuisance offenses however according to HPD warnings are encouraged for first offenses, other than dog bites, to provide notice to owners that their animal is offending neighbors. 

In some cases, violations may lead to fines, including a first-time animal nuisance violation of $50 up to a maximum fine of $1,000.

When making an animal nuisance call to HPD you have the choice to either meet with the patrol officer to provide further information or remain anonymous. If the caller wishes to stay anonymous, then the officer will just be sent to the scene. 

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In some cases, an animal nuisance call can help HPD stop a crime. In the event a dog is barking due to suspicious activity around the neighborhood like a burglary, trespassing or theft, the caller can explain the situation to HPD to help stop a crime.