HONOLULU (KHON2) — Maui Police Department officials said three people were arrested in connection to a string of brush fires that were allegedly set in central Maui.

According to MPD, one man was arrested Thursday after a witness allegedly saw one of the fires being set by the suspect.

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Police said two more individuals — a man and a woman — were arrested in connection to the brush fires on Thursday, May 12.

Randy Esperanza, MPD assistant chief, confirmed the suspects are 34-year-old John Hlis, 36-year-old Steven Sarol and 33-year-old Krystale Kaneakua.

“At that time, it was our belief that all the suspects were in unison together.”

Randy Esperanza, Maui Police Department Assistant Chief

According to MPD, surveillance video showed Sarol and Kaneakua allegedly entering a store to purchase a gas can, lighter fluid and charcoal just before the fires were set.

Surveillance video of two suspects purchasing a gas can, lighter fluid and charcoal just before fires were set throughout Maui on May 12, 2022. (Maui Police Department)

“It is with strong confidence that we believe the persons responsible for starting those fires have been arrested. The investigation is still ongoing,” Esperanza said. “We also want to reassure the people of Maui County the mission of the police and fire department is to keep our community safe and ensure that peace permeates our land.”

Police said the three suspects have not been charged as of 5 p.m. on Friday.

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According to County officials, no homes were burned in the brush fires but damage was reported to utility poles and lines.