KANEOHE, Hawaii (KHON2) — To their surprise, it was an attempted murder investigation. Honolulu police said, a 46-year-old man was filling up gas at the Windward City Shopping Center when another man came up to him.

According to HPD, the suspect demanded money and the victim refused. Police said a brief altercation followed and the suspect ran away, but it didn’t end there. The victim chased the suspect who got into a car waiting nearby. Police said the victim was following the suspect’s car when he was shot at several times.

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“A lot of people are getting off of work, they’re going to go put their gas and there’s just so much crime nowadays it’s really scary,” said Tiesse Quinn, an employee at Windward City Shopping Center.

Police said there were bullet holes in the victim’s vehicle. The suspect remains on the loose.

This alleged robbery and shooting happened just three months after police said a beloved security guard was fatally stabbed at the Windward City Shopping Center. The Kaneohe Neighborhood Board said these incidents are rare, but alarming.

“Those are pretty standard like break-in, unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle, things like that, but we rarely hear anything like this so it’s troubling,” said Mo Radke, Kaneohe Neighborhood Board Chair.

People who work at the Windward City Shopping Center said they want additional security measures to be beefed up. KHON2 reached out to Windward City Shopping Center but has not heard back.

“Lighting, security and cameras. Especially over here in this middle row, because a lot of stores aren’t open over here and so it would be really good to have some extra security around,” Quinn said.

Meanwhile, police said if anyone is confronted by a robber, stay calm, get a good description of the suspect and don’t be a hero, it’s better to lose money than a life.

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Anyone with information is asked to call 911.