HONOLULU (KHON2) — A teenage boy is in custody after Maui High students had quite the scare on a school bus.

Officers responded to reports of a student with a gun.

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Maui police arrested a 15-year-old boy Wednesday morning on suspicion of first-degree terroristic threatening and promoting a detrimental drug in the third degree.

The incident occurred on a school bus in the Kahului area after it was reported that a student was in possession of a firearm.

At around 7 a.m., officers conducted a traffic stop and detained the 15-year-old student suspected of having a firearm. About 30 minutes later, they recovered a pellet gun and 1.35 grams of marijuana. The juvenile was arrested and then transferred to the Sheriff’s Department where he remains in custody pending a hearing.

There will be increased security on the Maui High School campus for the rest of the school day.

In a letter posted on the school’s website, Principal Jamie Yap wrote that all students were safe and “Any student in possession of a firearm on campus shall be dismissed from school for no less than a period of one calendar year. Firearms include air guns, BB and pellet guns, paintball guns, crossbows or any other instrument which will expel a projectile.”

Some Maui High School parents said getting a call like this is their worst nightmare.

Benny Salgado, a high school parent said, “the police department actually called me and told me that, you know, there’s an incident that happened and your son is safe. Of course, anything to do with the police department, as a parent, kind of worry a little bit. Like, oh shucks what happened?”

Salgado’s son was on the bus as police responded to reports of a minor with a firearm around 7 a.m. on a Wednesday in Kahului.

“Yeah, my son was just kind of shocked, like whoa,” said Salgado.

Parents are shocked to hear about the incident.

Another high school parent, Samantha Bento said, “I think that’s really important that kids should be able to it’s not a tattletale, but to, you know, let other people know what’s going on when it’s going on, you know, an MPD really showed up really fast from what I understood.”

Police increased presence for the rest of the day but parents are wondering if more needs to be done.

Salgado said, “it only takes a few seconds, it was, you know, kids open their backpacks, or they got on the bus, you know, there’s somebody that checks, you know, whatnot, is just check on me, what’s a few seconds only for each child?”

Salgado added, “be aware, you see or hear anything the most suspicious of course, you know, reported, you know, just the simple action as reporting it could save a life you know, without saying anything, anything can happen.”

The Maui Police Department wants to assure the community that one of its top priorities is to make sure schools are safe. MPD has emergency plans and procedures in place to respond to an emergency event.

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Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity on campus is urged to contact school staff, their School Resource Officer, or the MPD at (808)-244-6400. In an emergency, call 911.