KULA, Maui (KHON2) — The cause of death of a Maui woman was still unclear when she was brought into the emergency room at the Kula Hospital on Sunday, June 19.

According to Maui police, the 42-year-old woman later identified as Angela Johnson, of Kula was pronounced dead. Police said Johnson was estimated to have been deceased prior to her arrival at the hospital.

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MPD arrested 54-year-old Brian Sherrell, of Kula at the Kahului Airport on suspicion of second-degree murder in connection to Johnson’s death on Tuesday, June 21.

Maui County prosecutors believe Sherrell’s actions led to the death of Johnson and told a judge that they would seek a punishment of life behind bars without the possibility of parole if he is convicted.

“That’s based on an enhancement, your honor, that it’s particularly heinous,” Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Herndon said.

“His statement is that when he realized that the victim was in serious condition, he took wires, electrical wires in some misguided attempt to, you know, do an at-home treatment for her? And electrocuted her several times in the chest while she was in that state, then brings her to the hospital in the deceased condition.”

Anthony Herndon, Maui County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

According to prosecutors, Sherrell then took Johnson’s body to the Kula Hospital.

“The emergency room doctor would not even take the patient in because she was clearly deceased by that doctor’s estimation and by the vital signs he took,” Herndon said.

Prosecutors told the judge that Sherrell was trying to flee from the Kahului airport while the defense said he has family in Oregon. Sherrell’s public defender did not deny the seriousness of the alleged crime.

“But I don’t concede that this was a particularly heinous, atrocious or cruel, manifesting exceptional depravity,” public defender David Pullman said.

Johnson’s former high school sweetheart, Matt Bailey, said no one deserves her fate.

“She was a really sweet girl, she’s really helpful and caring, you know, a lot smarter than she led on to most people, of course,” Bailey said. “I loved her a lot for a lot of years, and we remained friends afterward, you know, all this time.”

The prosecution asked for no bail due to the fact that Sherrell was arrested at Kahului Airport days after Johnson was left at the airport.

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The judge agreed with the prosecution and ordered Sherrell held without bail, his preliminary hearing is set for Monday, June 27.