HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Molokai man who pleaded guilty to interfering with flight crew members and assaulting a flight attendant has been sentenced to serve two years of supervised release. The incident took place on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu to Hilo on Sept. 23, 2021.

According to court documents, Steven Sloan punched the flight attendant in the chest while he was collecting trash from the passengers. Sloan then hit the victim on the back of his head.

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After the attack, Sloan was reseated and acted as if nothing had happened. The victim advised the other flight attendants to monitor the aircraft doors in case Sloan attempted to get through, and the captain decided to turn the flight back to Honolulu.

Read the federal criminal complaint below:

Last year in federal court, prosecutors told the judge that Sloan had been hearing voices for at least two weeks and questioned whether he had the mental competency to proceed with the hearing. The defense argued that Sloan was competent, and the judge agreed.

The maximum penalties Sloan faced for the charge of interference with flight crew members and attendants was 20 years in prison, a fine of $250,000 and a term of supervised release of three years. For the assault charge, the maximum penalties he faced was one year in prison, a fine of $100,000, and a term of supervised release of one year.

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On Monday, Aug. 15, the judge sentenced Sloan to two years of supervised release for Count 1, and one year for Count 2, to run concurrently. Sloan must pay nearly $6,400 in restitution.

There’s also a list of special conditions that comes with his supervised release, including having to participate in a substance abuse treatment program and mental health assessment.