HONOLULU (KHON2) – A call for solutions as a string of violent crimes in Waikiki continues, the latest was a stabbing early Sunday morning near the Waikiki police substation. 

According to the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services, it happened around 4:08 a.m. when a man was stabbed multiple times on the beach.

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It is unclear if an arrest has been made. 

EMS crews said they treated the 39-year-old male he was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Honolulu City Council Chair Tommy Waters said he heard concerns from residents and workers about feeling unsafe. 

“That’s absolutely crazy. That would happen right behind the police station,” Waters said. “A couple of months ago, we had a fire that destroyed all the surfboards right next to the police station. You know, that tells me — that tells me that people are just — they just don’t have any respect whatsoever.”

Aprilanne Hurley who is visiting from California heard the commotion Sunday morning.

“Your first instinct is, I hope nobody was hurt, right, because that would be really sad,” Hurley said. “But obviously something happened and I didn’t know what — I did not think it was anything to do with violence.”

Waters said he has allocated more funding for public safety programs.

“We put an additional $250,000 in the budget a few days ago, it still has to get full council approval and the mayor’s approval, of course,” Waters said. “But an additional $250,000 could bring in Weed and Seed. That means that if somebody commits a crime in Waikiki, they can’t come back.”

The Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association President and CEO Mufi Hannemann said it is about taking a proactive approach and joining other community stakeholders to resident crime. 

“We’re also stepping up our community involvement,” Hannemann said. “We are asking all of our businesses to do more and we want to participate with the Honolulu Police Department and be more of the eyes and ears here and do it on a proactive basis.”

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A public safety town hall meeting held earlier this month brought HPD,  the city’s prosecuting attorney and other community leaders together to brainstorm solutions. A second virtual town hall will be held on May 26 for the public to join