HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Honolulu Department of Prosecuting Attorney’s office said Marquis Green, 39, was sentenced on Wednesday for trafficking of two minors and felony sexual assault and misdemeanor assault of one of them.

Green was found guilty in April by an Oahu jury on one count of sexual assault in the first degree, two counts of sex trafficking and one count of assault in the third degree.

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According to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office, In 2013, Green trafficked two girls, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old and forced them into prostitution in Waikiki.

The Prosecuting Attorney’s office added, “Green also sexually assaulted the 15-year-old on one occasion and assaulted her on another.”

This act of crime was highlighted by Judge Rowena Somerville to point out the “grave nature of Green’s offenses, his lack of remorse, and the need to protect the public in sentencing Green to two consecutive 20-year prison terms,” according to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

We asked the court to sentence Green to two consecutive 20-year-terms of imprisonment and we are very pleased that Judge Somerville agreed. This sentence ensures that the public will be safe from Green’s violent and unconscionable conduct for a long time and should serve as a warning to all the pimps and traffickers out there.


Alm continued, “Sex trafficking is a heinous crime that often targets the most vulnerable members of our society. We are inspired by the courage and perseverance of the survivors in this case who did not give up, even after years of delays caused by Green.”

Alm also encourages all survivors of trafficking and sexual assault to reach out for help by filling out a police report or seeking services from the community that is dedicated to helping survivors.

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Here is a list of resources for survivors:

  • Child Welfare Services, 808-832-1999
  • Susannah Wesley Community Center, Trafficking Victim Assistance Program, 808-721-9614
  • Ho’ola Na Pua, 808-222-1872
  • Hawai’i Pacific Health Sex Abuse Treatment Center, 808-524-7273

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