HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is part of Sean Tiwanak’s Sunday routine. Around 6 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 6, the Tiwanak took his dogs for a walk near Kapolei High School when the unexpected happened.

“I suddenly heard a sound and I felt something strike my neck,” said Sean Tiwanak, a Kapolei resident.

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Tiwanak went from feeling shock to pain.

“Sharp pain on my neck. I couldn’t believe that I was shot by something. I felt my neck and my first instinct was I just couldn’t believe it,” said Tiwanak.

The Kapolei resident says he was shot by a pellet gun. He says it happened in a matter of seconds, and he tried to get a description of the car, then immediately called police.

“I never thought anything like this was going to happen to me in an area where I feel so comfortable in everyday. It was a big shock that could happen and it can happen to anyone,” Tiwanak said.

HPD takes these incidents seriously and using these types of weapons to commit crime can come with a $500 fine or up to one year in prison.

“These are not toys, they can seriously injure people and animals,” said HPD Capt. Parker Bode. “The other concern is that these airsoft guns, BB guns and pellet guns can be mistaken as real weapons; and when they’re mistaken as real weapons, it poses a significant risk to our officers and to the public.”

HPD said that if anyone finds themself in a similar situation, be a good witness.

“Be observant, get the license plate number, see how many occupants there are and a description of the suspects,” Bode said.

Tiwanak says after sharing his story on social media, a parent came forward confessing that his teenager was responsible for the incident. Tiwanka says he won’t be pressing charges.

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“We made amends with the family and they came forward and I respect them for doing that, but this really could’ve caused some unintended injury to myself or someone else,” Tiwanak said.

HPD says if anyone sees someone carrying a BB gun or pellet gun in public, call police.