HONOLULU (KHON2) — Police are investigating a drive-by shooting on the H-1 freeway early Monday morning.

The victim says he has no idea why he was targeted. But he’s thankful he’s alive.

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The victim, who asked not to be identified said, the bullet hole and the shattered window are stark reminders of one of the scariest nights of his life.

“I feel a little bit uneasy because I don’t know who shot at me or what was the reason,” he said. “Everything just went blank after I got shot at. I’m still in shock.”

He said it happened around 2:30 a.m. near the Waikele offramp on the H1 freeway. He said he had just dropped off a friend in town and was headed westbound back to Ewa when a car pulled up alongside him.

The car rolled-up on his driver’s side. He said he was alone, and there were barely any other cars on the road.

“All of a sudden, I seen a guy pulled out his hand out the window and just started blasting away,” he said.

He remembers hearing at least three shots. One of them hit his car.

“The window broke, just a puka in my car and almost went through my speaker,” he explained. “Luckily it didn’t go all the way to my leg. I just ducked down, went pedal to the metal and got off the exit as fast as possible. Luckily they didn’t chase me.”

He said he took the Kunia offramp and pulled over before calling 911.

Once police arrived, he felt safer, but he said the whole thing is still a blur.

“It just happened so fast,” he said. “I was just in shock that I was getting shot at. It was too much.”

The case is being investigated as an attempted murder. No arrests have been made.

Police sent an email offering safety tips in case anyone is ever confronted or threatened by another driver.

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Your safety and the safety of those in your vehicle should be the priority. Do not confront another driver. When it’s safe to do so, call 911 to report the incident. Try to provide the driver and vehicle descriptions, including license plate, if possible.