HONOLULU (KHON2) — “DEA, open the door!” That’s what a 38-year-old victim of a home burglary said he heard Sunday evening around 8 p.m.

The victim describes the incident like a scene from a movie.

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“I ran into the living room where three guys were at the door waving guns claiming they were from the DEA,” the victim said.

A quiet Sunday evening turned into a life-altering experience for the man. He said he was staying at his friend’s 3rd Avenue home when he heard a loud bang.

“After about three or four kicks, they were decent sized guys, it just exploded inwards and they just walked right over top of it,” he said.

Police sources said three men wearing ski masks and jackets posed as agents from the Drug and Enforcement Administration. Instead, they were thieves after one thing: access to the safe.

“They said, give me the combination in three seconds or you’re gone, and I was like I don’t know it.”

The victim said he was held to the ground, while the other two suspects ransacked the house.

“I’m trying to bargain with these guys, ‘Please, I have kids, I have a life, I have people that depend on me. Please just take whatever you need and leave.'”

According to police, the suspects got away with the victim’s phone and wallet.

The DEA said agents would never arrive to a residence with ski masks and jackets on. There is proper protocol that must be followed to tell the real from the fake.

“We’ll use patrol cars when we can to identify ourselves, and we make the markings clear that say DEA and police. We announce ourselves as DEA. If someone is suspicious, we can provide a second form of identification when it’s a safe point to do so,” said Megan Fila, DEA Group Supervisor.

The victim’s hand was injured during the encounter, but he’s grateful to be alive to share his story.

“I’m lucky I really didn’t get shot,” he said. “If they’re crazy enough to kick the door in, crazy enough to do what they did, they’re crazy enough to pull the trigger, and I’m really blessed that didn’t happen.”

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HPD said no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call police.