HONOLULU (KHON2) — Allegations against former Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney, Keith Kaneshiro, have nothing to do with the current Honolulu Prosecutor Steve Alm.

Alm said he has zero-tolerance for any misconduct in his office.

“Our job is doing justice, it isn’t winning cases,” said Alm. “You can strike hard blows, but not foul ones.”

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Alm’s firm platform since running for office is restoring public trust in the prosecutor’s office. It started with the case against Katherine Kealoha, a former deputy prosecutor, and now Kaneshiro.

“The page was turned when he stepped down and when I got elected,” Alm said.

Alm told KHON2 one of the first things he did when taking office was to go over Kealoha’s cases.

“Some of those have already been transferred in the past over to the Attorney General’s office to get them out of here, but if we find any indication of any question mark about the case, that will be looked into and appropriate action will be taken,” said Alm.

That includes passing cases over to federal authorities for review. With the new allegations about Kaneshiro, more cases may now need to be looked at again.

“Alm’s office is going to be inundated, because every lawyer is going to look back now and say, do I have grounds for an appeal and in some cases, they probably do,” said Dr. John Hart, a Hawaii Pacific University communication professor.

Alm said he also wanted a clean slate when it came to staffing.

“I can say that anybody connected with these certain cases and stuff that may have been involved in this are no longer working here,” said Alm.

When it comes to making sure his deputy prosecutors are upholding the standards, Alm preaches to them about the risks of misconduct.

“One, it’s wrong, two, it doesn’t make any difference in the case. Three, if you want a better job in the future or you want to be a judge or anything else, you do not want your name associated with prosecutorial misconduct,” Alm said.

His promise continues to the community to protect the public in a fair and just way.

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“We’re trying to be a lot more transparent in doing that and we’re hoping people realize they can trust this office and we will try to do justice and hold people accountable,” said Alm. “We will keep doing that every day, as long as I’m Honolulu prosecutor.”