HONOLULU (KHON2) — Court documents have provided more insight into what occurred in the fatal altercation.

The suspect is 23-year-old Kendall Gray. He was charged with second-degree murder.

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The court documents also reveal that the victim was 64-year-old Alvin Matsumoto.

According to the documents, Matsumoto was attempting to evict Gray from an apartment on Sheridan Street. This is also where the alleged attempted murder took place.

Documents indicate that surveillance video shows Gray stomping on Matsumoto’s head and chest multiple times as Matsumoto was lying on the ground, motionless.

According to prosecutors, Gray dragged Matsumoto’s body to the sidewalk before running from the scene.

One resident ran down to the third floor and said he saw the unimaginable.

“I came down; and I said ‘hey stop put him down. Leave him alone.’ He’s dragging him like a caveman just dragging the body,” said witness Shawn Giles. “I turn around. And, I’m, like, ‘hey put him down’; and he goes’ ‘oh call 911 he needs help.'”

The witness said he ran to his unit to grab his phone and by that time, the suspect was on the first floor.

“He puts the elderly man on the rock wall so at this point I ignore the suspect. I just go straight to the victim, I’m a nurse I just try to help do first aid,” said Giles.

According to Honolulu police officers when they responded they found the 64-year-old victim bleeding profusely from his head on the sidewalk.

The Honolulu Police Department said paramedics transported the victim to the hospital where he later died.

According to HPD, through its investigation, it was determined that the victim was trying to evict the suspect’s girlfriend from her unit when the physical altercation happened. Police said, after the victim was physically assaulted, the suspect took off and left the scene.

Four hours later police said, the suspect was located and arrested for second-degree murder.

Residents said the victim was just doing his job and didn’t deserve this.

“He just seemed very kind and he got along with other homeowners so it’s just so sad,” said Giles.

Meanwhile, court documents show, the suspect had a history of complaints filed against him for unpaid rent.

The documents also said, the victim filed a complaint in December and the court ordered them to mediation.

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Court documents go on to state, in February the court ordered possession of the unit back to the victim effective March 20.

“If the tenant does not comply with that court order, then that’s when they can be forcibly removed from the property,” said Nicholas Severson, Legal Aid Society of Hawaii Managing Attorney, Housing and Consumer Unit.

Experts added that landlords and tenants can file complaints through the judiciary, but in situations where either party feels unsafe a temporary restraining order is an option.

“That’s typically what would be the best course in order of protecting themselves and their safety,” Severson said.

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According to HPD, the suspect remains in custody and charges are pending.