HONOLULU (KHON2) — Fake I.D.’s from China were tucked away in packages bound for Hawaii according to federal authorities. That’s until Customs and Border Patrol intercepted the package in Chicago.

“Looking at the I.D.’s they’re for multiple states, and some of them had what looked like, just by glancing at them, the gold star,” said John F. Tobon, Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent in Charge.

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Homeland Security Investigations in Honolulu discovered dozens of counterfeit driver’s licences, ordered by 16 students from two private schools on Oahu. Agents believe the students ordered the fake I.D.’s online, leaving criminals overseas with sensitive information as well as their parent’s credit card information to buy the I.D.’s.

“They shared their picture, their actual picture,” Tobon said. “They shared part of their birthdate, They shared their signature to be included in these documents.”

While these fake I.D.’s may have been used to make the teens appear a few years older, officials are concerned criminals could use the information for extortion or ransom.

“It is available for this company that is producing these I.D.’s to do whatever they want with their likeness with this personal information,” Tobon added,

So the message to the public is simple.

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“The less information you put out there, the better,” said Tobon. “We know fraudsters look for this information. Even if they provide one piece of information, fraudsters may be able to find the other pieces.”