HONOLULU (KHON2) — The man accused of killing a 73-year-old man and encasing him in concrete made his first Hawaii court appearance on Monday.

Twenty-three-year-old Juan Baron confessed to killing Gary Ruby but legal experts say there’s no guarantee it’ll be heard in court.

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Ruby was found dead in his bathtub at his Hawaii Loa Ridge home over a month ago.

After spending the past few weeks in a Los Angeles jail, Baron was extradited to Honolulu from California on Friday, April 8 after being arrested by Los Angeles police inside of a Greyhound bus that was departing for Mexico.

He now in custody at OCCC where his arraignment was held on Monday, around 8:30 a.m. at the District Courthouse in Honolulu. He appeared by video conference.

“State would ask to confirm as a no bail case, your honor, given the number of counts and severity of offense,” said the prosecutor in court.

Baron faces murder and theft charges. He was arrested by US Marshals and police officers in LA a couple of days after HPD found Ruby’s body in a bathtub at his home in Hawaii Loa Ridge. Court records say Baron told LA investigators that he strangled Ruby with a belt, tried to make it look like a suicide, then dragged the body to the bathtub and poured concrete over it.

Some legal experts say it’s possible that Baron’s confession is never heard in a courtroom.

“It’ll be up to the judge to determine if his statements can be suppressed. In other words, will the jury get to hear it? And then it will be up to defense counsel to argue that they shouldn’t give any credibility to the statement,” said Megan Kau, a defense attorney who’s not involved in the case.

She says even if the judge allows the jury to hear the confession, Baron’s attorney can also argue that it’s not credible.

“The defendant was nervous he didn’t know what his rights were he was afraid he wanted to please the police officers,” said Kau.

Baron’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. But Kau points out that it’s likely that prosecutors will indict him through a grand jury. She says that’s normally the case for murders, attempted muders, and sex assaults.

“In a grand jury process, the defense has no presence at all. In other words, the defendant is not present at the grand jury, defense counsel is not present in the grand jury, and therefore the defense doesn’t get to review any discovery during the grand jury process,” said Kau.

We reached out to the public defender’s office which is representing Baron and they declined to comment.

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The court kept no bail. Baron’s next court date is set for Wednesday, April 13 at 1 p.m.