HONOLULU (KHON2) — Local toy makers Ayla Grady Whalen and Robert Whalen are asking for help after their dinosaur trailer was stolen from their driveway on Halama Street in Kihei. It’s usually parked just around the corner from their toy store Violet’s Toy Box.

The couple behind 4 Kids Quick Science keeps three animatronic dinosaurs — each measuring about 10-feet-long and two-feet-wide — in the trailer to transport to parties around Maui. Now, those events are in limbo as they try to find a replacement in time.

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“We really love the fun reactions of kids and adults alike,” said Ayla, “and when the adults discover that they can carry up to 350 pounds, they often can’t resist joining in on the fun and feeling like a kid again.”

Ayla said she spent most of her childhood in Kihei, so she knows how hard it can be to find new things to do. That’s why she and her husband strive to create new, exciting and fun things for the Maui kids.

Rexy (T-Rex), Plumeria (Triceratops) and Bumpy (Ankylosaurus) are the stars, and with the trailer gone, Ayla is concerned for the parties they have lined up and don’t want to cancel.

The trailer was stolen on Saturday, July 16, early in the morning, according to Ayla, and trailers that size on the island run between $2,100 to $2,400. She said that’s the cost before the modifications they need to hold the dinosaurs safely in place and keep them from attacking surrounding traffic.

The Whalens have started a GoFundMe page with a $3,000 goal to get a replacement trailer. Leftover funds will cover registration and getting it marked safe for the road, as well as starting on the safety modifications to fit all three dinosaurs.

Ayla said they know it’s a lot to ask for, but they don’t want to let the kids down.

“[The trailer] was our only means of bringing our very heavy friends out and about on adventures on Maui,” she said.

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People can also donate to their PayPayl account at 4kidsquickscience@gmail.com or Venmo @AylaFae. If you have information about this case, contact the Maui Police Department.