HONOLULU (KHON2) — Former Honolulu Police Department officer Mason Jordan was indicted on Thursday, for several counts of sexual exploitation, coercion and enticement, cyberstalking and sex trafficking.

Court documents state victims consisted of three minors as well as one adult female who Jordan harassed online.

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According to court documents, victim one was approached by Mason three different times from July 2, 2016, to July 17, 2017 “to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing child pornography that would be mailed, shipped and transported to foreign commerce, which includes by computer.”

Court documents said victim two was contacted online and by cell on or about Jan. 14, 2020, by Jordan to engage in prostitution.

The third victim, according to court documents, was contacted by Jordan to engage in prostitution.

Jordan is also accused of watching both victims two and three engage in a commercial sex act on two different occasions.

From April 10 to April 11, 2020, Jordan harassed a female adult online and by cell phone forcing her to engage in a sexual act, which she attempted to do, according to court documents.

According to HPD records, the four victims were approached by Jordan and groomed while he was a police officer at HPD, having been hired on Nov. 4, 2013, and resigning on March 26, 2021.

The State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers President Robert Cavaco said in a statement:

“While we are not familiar with the details of the case, these allegations are absolutely repugnant. Police officers hold a position of trust in our community and if these charges are true, any behavior by an officer that exploits a child is reprehensible and that officer should face the strongest punishment under the law and never be allowed to wear a badge again. As police officers, we are sworn to protect the innocent, not to exploit them.”

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The next court date is to be determined and will be held at a courthouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico.