HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Dwayne Yuen has been charged with the possession of sexually explicit photos of underage individuals.

The FBI said they arrested Yuen at his home on Oahu on Thursday, Feb. 2.

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Yuen is accused of contacting victims in person and via electronic communications to engage in illegal activity for years. The allegations date as far back as 2004.

The FBI noted that Yuen has coached basketball throughout the years and may have traveled to other islands.

“If you know of someone else who has possibly been victimized by Yuen, please encourage them to complete the form themselves and/or contact FBI Honolulu.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation

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If you believe you or your minor dependent(s) were victimized, the FBI asks that you fill out this questionnaire and/or contact FBI Honolulu at (808) 673-2719 or yueninvestigation@fbi.gov. If you have any information relevant to the investigation you should also reach out.