HONOLULU (KHON2) — Anger and confusion for the family of the woman who police said was struck by a car in Mililani and then assaulted by the driver of that car. They still can’t understand why it happened and are looking for answers.

“I’m gonna cry,” said Pauline Taliulu.

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She could barely hold back tears. The family has confirmed that the woman struck by a car at the Mililani Town Center is her daughter-in-law Kristelle Taliulu. She said her son, Kristelle’s husband, has been at the hospital. The family wants to know why someone would try to hurt her and her baby daughter.

“They’re going through the same what I’m going through what my son is going through just hopeful that she’ll make it through. I thank the Lord that my granddaughter didn’t get into it,” said Pauline.

The family tells us that Kristelle Taliulu probably saved her baby’s life by pushing the stroller away before she was struck by the car.

“I don’t know what she had seen, but she pushed the stroller away from her and that’s when she got hit,” said Pauline.

Kristelle was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Police said a man stepped in to help when the suspect attacked Kristelle with a crowbar, and the suspect started hitting him. He was taken to the hospital and police said he was also in critical condition. Pauline said that man likely saved Kristelle’s life and wanted to send this message.

“I’m so grateful that you were there, that you saved my daughter and I’m so sorry that you got injured,” said Pauline.

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She said she’s hoping that both families can meet when the two victims have recovered. She added that it’s also important that the suspect is punished. The suspect was arrested for attempted murder and remains in custody.