HONOLULU (KHON2) — Boyd Maygra’s family is still trying to wrap their heads around the tragedy.

“I didn’t believe it for a minute,” said Jacob Maygra, Boyd’s son. “It’s such a surreal thing.”

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“Going to tell his oldest son, Jacob that his dad had been murdered was just brutal to have to do that,” said Richard Collier, brother-in-law to Boyd. “I never thought I’d have to go through that.”

A father of three, Boyd’s family said he was born and raised in Washington, but moved to the Big Island years ago with his kids. However, in the last two years he’d been houseless, but happy according to his family.

“Someone who generally loved life. He was really good at being positive about things like even if he was in kind of bad situations though,” Maygra said.

Boyd was a poet, artist and musician, but that was all silenced when authorities said he was stabbed at Hale Halawai Park.

“That is so horrible, what he did you know,” said Alyssa, a friend of Boyd. “So I’ve been going down there every day to the spot that he stayed at, by myself, just crying and talking to him.”

Police say, the man accused of the murder is 24-year-old Chito Asuncion. They also believe he fatally stabbed another man last month, as well as two others who survived.

“He relayed that by killing homeless people it helps them get to a better place whether it’s heaven or hell,” said Andrew Kennedy, Asuncion’s attorney. “He was asked why did he chose to do this while they were sleeping and he said, because it was more peaceful for them.”

Asuncion’s attorney request he undergo a mental evaluation.

Body’s mother said the silver lining is that it took her son’s death to find who was allegedly responsible for the attacks.

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“It’s a tragic, horrible way that he was killed, but I do think about the mental health, the homeless, the drug addiction, and how the community can’t let that just be the norm,” Collier said.