HONOLULU (KHON2) — A disturbing update on a heartbreaking story. The owner of “Ziggy the Bulldog” said a child in the neighborhood shot Ziggy with a BB gun.

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Ziggy was shot several times in close range. His health has been on the decline ever since it happened last week. Ziggy’s owner said her daughter’s friend confessed to her that she and a seven-year-old boy went to the house to hurt Ziggy.

“She said that her friend — the boy showed her the bb gun that he got from his mother on his birthday and they I guess were like ‘come on let’s go,'” Domonique Boudreau, Ziggy’s owner said. “At first she said he wasn’t shooting him with a bb gun that he was coming into the yard and he was kicking him.”

Boudreau said HPD detectives went to the boy’s family today.

Boudreau added that she rushed Ziggy to the vet emergency room last night because his condition is getting worse.

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The family has also started a GoFundMe page for is multiple procedures which are ahead in Ziggy’s recovery.