HONOLULU (KHON2) — The 46-year-old man accused of using a sword to attack another man in Waikiki remains in custody as part of an attempted murder investigation. The incident took place on Friday, July 22, at the 7-Eleven on Kalakaua Avenue.

The Honolulu Police Department officer who arrested Jason Walker had his account of the incident filed on Monday, July 25. The court documents revealed that the suspect is a 7-Eleven employee.

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According to court documents, the victim had a verbal argument with Walker inside 7-Eleven. Walker then retrieved a sword and exited the backdoor of the store. The victim exited the front entrance of the store where Walker met him.

The argument led to Walker “gripping the sword with two hands and swinging from head to toe multiple times” making contact with the victim. Police said Walker then left the sword at the scene before running away.

He was located shortly after on Kaioʻo Drive near Hobron Lane. The officer observed Walker sweating profusely, with blood splatter on his sneakers.

Jason Walker is charged with second-degree attempted murder.

According to court documents, the victim used his hands to block himself, resulting in his left hand being completely severed from the wrist. His right hand was also mutilated. In addition, he suffered deep cuts to the right side of his abdomen, which caused possible damage to vital organs.

The victim was transported to Queen’s Medical Center in critical condition — his condition has not been updated by a medical professional at this time.

The sword recovered at the scene had a 3-to-4-foot-long metal blade covered in blood with a wood-like handle. It was located on the ground behind the dumpster near the store’s back door.

Police said five witnesses were interviewed at the scene, and all of them positively identified Walker as the suspect. KHON2 also spoke with the witnesses. Click here for their accounts.

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Walker’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, July 27. His bail is set at $400,000.