HONOLULU (KHON2) – On Oahu speed is a huge factor with traffic fatalities. The Honolulu Police Department credits half of their traffic fatalities involving a motorist driving over the posted speed limit. 

HPD report in 2021 they arrested more than 150 drivers for street and highway racing. Not only is speeding dangerous, it is also costly when you receive a traffic violation. 

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According to HPD, speeding one to 10 miles over the speed limit can result in a $62 fine and speeding 11-29 miles over the speed limit can result in a $122 fine. 

Breakdown of HPD violations:

Speeding 1-10 mph over the posted limit$62 + $5/mph over
Speeding 11-29 mph over the posted limit$122 + $5/mph over
Basic Speed Rule$157
Exhibition of SpeedCourt Summons
Excessive Speeding (30mph and above over the posted limit)Court Summons
Excessive Speeding (81mph and above over the posted limit)Court Summons
RacingArrest or Court Summons
Reckless DrivingArrest or Court Summons
Negligent InjuryUp to 5 years in prison
Negligent HomicideUp to 10 years in prison
Courtesy: Honolulu Police Department

The top reasons people tend to speed are usually due to traffic, running late, anonymity or a disregard for others and the law. 

Traffic congestion is typically the number one reason for aggressive driving that leads to speeding. Drivers who are stuck in traffic tend to exhibit aggressive behaviors that lead to speeding once given the chance. 

Some people tend to speed when they are running late for an appointment or an event. It’s important to take into consideration high traffic times like early commute hours and leave your home in advance. 

Negative impacts of speeding:

  • Greater potential for loss of vehicle control
  • Reduced effectiveness of occupant protection equipment
  • Increased stopping distance after the driver perceives a danger
  • Increased degree of crash severity leading to more severe injuries
  • Economic implications of a speed-related crash
  • Increased fuel consumption/cost.

The U.S. Department of Transportation report in the past two decades, speeding was a contributing factor in one-third of all motor vehicle accidents nationwide. 

Speeding is always preventable. When driving on the road following the laws can not only save your life but the lives of people around you. 

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For more helpful tips and information about accidents caused by speeding head to HPD’s website.