PUNA, HAWAII (KHON2) — The man accused of killing his 86-year-old neighbor on the Big Island has been formally charged with murder. According to police, a bow-and-arrow with ‘biological evidence’ was found inside the suspects home.

The Hawaii Prosecuting Attorney Kelden Waltjen’s office charged 33-year-old Cameron Stewart with the murder of his 86-year-old neighbor Charles Hacker. Stewart is being held on $1 million bail.

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Waltjen commended Hawaii County police for their swift and thorough investigation.

“The Puna patrol officers who responded did a very good job,” Waltjen said. “They were able to put this investigation together in 48 hours and we were able to handle the felony conferral this morning and get the charges filed. I’m just hoping that with the filing of these criminal charges we’ve started the first step in the process to seek justice for him and his family.”

Hawaii County Criminal Investigator, Lt. Rio Amon-Wilkins called the incident a tragedy.

“It’s a very tragic occurrence when anybody is violently killed,” Amon-Wilkins explained. “But especially when it’s an elderly, disabled individual seated in front of their house and enjoying the sunlight in the morning. This gentleman was 86 years old. From everything that we’ve gathered, this is something that was completely unprovoked.”

He said the incident happened sometime before 10 a.m. Wednesday.

When officers arrived, they found Hacker sitting in a walker-seat in his driveway bleeding from his neck.

Amon-Wilkins said they received information pointing to Stewart as a suspect and took him into custody.

After searching his home, they “recovered a recurve bow, various arrows, and other archery-related items.”

“There was biological evidence on some of those items,” Amon-Wilkins said.

“When the forensic pathologist performed the autopsy this morning, he was able to rule this a homicide, based on his expertise, and the evidence on the victim’s body as well, as well as some of the forensic evidence that we recovered from Mr. Stewart’s residence.”

Court documents filed Friday said Stewart “intentionally or knowingly caused the death of Charles Hacker by use of an arrow.”

According to Amon-Wilkins, Stewart recently moved to the Big Island from Arizona with his family.

If Stewart is found guilty, prosecutors will be seeking an extended term since it’s considered a crime against the elderly.

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Stewart is due in court Tuesday afternoon.