HONOLULU (KHON2) — Officials said a man was charged with multiple counts of forgery and attempted theft.

The Department of the Prosecuting Attorney said Calvin Militante was accused of forging checks on two separate occasions.

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In the first incident, the 44-year-old Honolulu man allegedly went to a local bank and attempted to cash an altered federal stimulus check.

On the second occasion, he was accused of attempting to cash an altered child support check.

As police investigate the case they are warning the public of check thefts as IRS refunds begin to be sent out to taxpayers.

Prosecuting Attorney Steve Alm said to not only be vigilant about tax refund checks but other payments as well.

“If you suspect that your refund check has been stolen, contact the Honolulu Police Department or the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration to make a report,” said Alm.

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Militante was charged on May 3 with two counts of forgery in the second degree and two counts of attempted theft in the second degree.